Ableton push manual pdf

Ableton push manual pdf makes Push and Live, hardware and software for music production, creation and performance. Please enable Javascript to get the most out of ableton.

Push’s controls are divided into a number of sections, as shown in the diagram below. There are also a number of videos that will help you get started with Push. Setting up the Push hardware is mostly automatic. USB port on your computer. After connection, Push can be used immediately.

Push does not need to be manually configured in Live’s Preferences. You can browse and load sounds directly from Push, without needing to use Live’s browser. This is done in Push’s Browse Mode. The display is divided into columns. Loading Devices or Device Presets in Browse Mode.

You can scroll quickly through folders and subfolders via the encoders. After pressing a device or preset load button, the button will turn amber. What you see when in Browse Mode depends on the device that was last selected. Browse Mode will show you replacement instruments. If you were working with an effect, you will see effects.