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Before the name “HANA” stabilized, people referred arcgis 10.3 user manual pdf this product as “New Database”. The software was previously called “SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance”. The first product shipped in late November 2010.

By mid-2011, the technology had attracted interest but more experienced business customers considered it to be “in early days”. September 2011 for availability by November. SAP HANA One that used a smaller amount of memory. HANA Enterprise Cloud service was announced. 4HANA, some customers using non-HANA systems have raised concerns of being locked into SAP products.

Support Package Stacks are released every 6 months. In November 2016 SAP announced SAP HANA 2, which offers enhancements to multiple areas such as database management and application management and includes two new cloud services: Text Analysis and Earth Observation Analysis. HANA customers can upgrade to HANA 2 from SPS10 and above. Customers running SPS9 and below must first upgrade to SPS12 before upgrading to HANA 2 SPS01. SAP HANA is an OLTAP system. While storing data in-memory confers performance advantages, it is a more costly form of data storage. SAP have termed “Dynamic tiering”.

The database has both a row store and a columnar store. Users can create tables using either store, but the columnar store has more capabilities and is most frequently used. The XS engine allows web applications to be built. Modeling is the methodology to expose operational data to the end user.

When an MVCC database needs to update an item of data, it will not overwrite the old data with new data, but will instead mark the old data as obsolete and add the newer version. HANA can support volumes of up to a petabyte of data in-memory while returning query results in under a second. HANA has capabilities to manage data tiering, i. Vora leverages some of the same concepts from HANA, namely, in-memory storage, query pushdown, and massive parallelization. SAP HANA includes a number of analytic engines for various kinds of data processing. Graph data structures are stored directly in relational tables in HANA’s column store.