Array and phased array antenna basics pdf

Array and phased array antenna basics pdf article is about MIMO in wireless communication. At one time, in wireless the term “MIMO” referred to the use of multiple antennas at the transmitter and the receiver. In modern usage, “MIMO” specifically refers to a practical technique for sending and receiving more than one data signal simultaneously over the same radio channel by exploiting multipath propagation. Although these are not examples of exploiting multipath propagation to send multiple information streams, some of the mathematical techniques for dealing with mutual interference proved useful to MIMO development.

Methods were developed to improve the performance of cellular radio networks and enable more aggressive frequency reuse in the early 1990s. SDMA-based inverse multiplexing technique in 1993. Paulraj was awarded the prestigious Marconi Prize in 2014 for “his pioneering contributions to developing the theory and applications of MIMO antennas. Jones, and Michael Pollack founded Clarity Wireless in 1996, and built and field-tested a prototype MIMO system. Cisco Systems acquired Clarity Wireless in 1998.