Coastal regulation zone pdf

Allied landings in North Africa. With a view to safeguarding the coastal regulation zone pdf of the German Reich, the French territory situated to the north and west of the line drawn on the map here attached will be occupied by German troops. The line separating French territory into two zones was defined on a map attached to the treaty.

This separation line took effect on 25 June 1940. The French government commits itself to facilitate by all means the regulations pertaining to the exercising of these rights, and to putting them in place with the cooperation of the French administration. The French government will immediately invite all authorities and administrative services in the occupied territories to conform to the regulation of the German military authorities and to work with the latter in a proper manner. Most of France was liberated by September 1944.

France partitioned between Germany and Italy according to a line which partly matched that of 1940. This zone was of limited importance, comprising 800 square kilometeres and 28,000 inhabitants. French territory within 50 km from the zone of Italian occupation. Italy at Cassibile became public knowledge on 8 September 1943, the Italian armies retreated and the Germans united the southern zone under their own exclusive control. French author Jacques Delperrié de Bayac. La ligne de démarcation”, Collection « Mémoire et Citoyenneté », No. Consulté le 24 octobre 2008.