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During this period the Eponymos Archon was the chief magistrate, the Polemarch was the head of the armed forces, and the Codex angels of death pdf Basileus was responsible for the civic religious arrangements. After 683 BC the offices were held for only a single year, and the year was named after the Archon Eponymos. The Polemarch thereafter had only minor religious duties. The Archon would begin this process months in advance of a festival by selecting a chorus of three playwrights based on descriptions of the projected plays.

Each playwright would be assigned a choregos, also selected by the Archon, from among the wealthy citizens who would pay all the expenses of costumes, masks, and training the chorus. Inside Byzantium, the term could be used to refer to any powerful noble or magnate, but in a technical sense, it was applied to a class of provincial governors. In the mid-13th century, it was established as a special court rank, held by the highest-ranking official of the emperor’s company. Church hierarchy and is purely honorary. His main concern is to protect and promote the Holy Patriarchate and its mission. Church, Parish-Diocese, Archdiocese and the community as a whole.

Vice-presidents are known as Vice Archons. Vice-presidents are known as Eminent Deputy Archons. Fraternal order of Archon exists. Their brethren are commonly called, “Archons”.