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Please forward this error screen to 132. This article is about the supercomputer. The project had two main goals: to advance our understanding of the mechanisms computer networks notes pdf for ece protein folding via large-scale simulation, and to explore novel ideas in massively parallel machine architecture and software.

Major areas of investigation included: how to use this novel platform to effectively meet its scientific goals, how to make such massively parallel machines more usable, and how to achieve performance targets at a reasonable cost, through novel machine architectures. 104 racks, achieving 478 TFLOPS Linpack and 596 TFLOPS peak. L installation held the first position in the TOP500 list for 3. The system was built in Rochester, MN IBM plant. L installation, many smaller installations followed. L also set records for performance on a wider set of applications. L was awarded the winning prize in all HPC Challenge Classes of awards.