Csa revision notes for the mrcgp pdf

TARGET stands for: Treat Antibiotics Responsibly, Guidance, Education, Tools. The toolkit helps influence prescribers’ and patients’ personal attitudes, social norms and perceived barriers to optimal csa revision notes for the mrcgp pdf prescribing.

It includes a range of resources that can each be used to support prescribers’ and patients’ responsible antibiotic use, helping to fulfil CPD and revalidation requirements. Who is it for, and how can it be used? The toolkit is designed to be used by the whole primary care team within the GP practice or out of hours setting. These resources can be used flexibly, either as standalone materials or as part of an integrated package.

We do recommend that ALL resources are used if this is feasible. Using the TARGET Antibiotics Toolkit resources will enable primary care organisations to demonstrate compliance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance. 4 years, depending on the specific resource, or more frequently if there are significant developments in the field. UTI and those who care for them. The leaflet has been developed in partnership with primary care providers, care home staff, residents, family members and other experts and is currently open for external review. It is not yet ready for general use.