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63 million for the previous 12 months and ranked him the 20th highest earning celebrity in the world. When not performing, he manages his chain of eleven resort islands in the Bahamas, which he calls “Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay”. Shy and a loner, the young Copperfield saw magic as a way of fitting in and, later, as a way to meet women. As a child, Copperfield attended a day camp called Camp Harmony, in nearby Warren, New Jersey, where he began practicing magic and ventriloquy, an experience to which he credits his creative style. At Camp Harmony, we spent two weeks searching for a guide who’d been kidnapped by Indians.

It was just a game, but I was living it. My whole life goes back to that camp experience when I was three or four. Copperfield sang, danced and created most of the original illusions used in the show. There have been 17 Copperfield TV specials and 2 documentaries between September 7, 1977, and April 3, 2001. Most of his media appearances have been through television specials and guest spots on television programs. Statue of Liberty once stood was empty. A helicopter hovered overhead to give an aerial view of the illusion and the statue appeared to have vanished and only the circle of lights surrounding it was still present and visible.

Before making the statue reappear, Copperfield explained in front of the camera why he wanted to perform this illusion. He wanted people to imagine what it would be like if there were no liberty or freedom in the world today and what the world would be like without the freedoms and rights we enjoy. With a likable, self-effacing demeanor that rarely comes across in his TV specials, Copperfield leads the audience through nearly two hours of truly mind-boggling illusions. He disappears and reappears, gets cut in half, makes audience members vanish and others levitate. Copperfield denied the reports of a falling out, saying “don’t believe everything you read. News of Copperfield’s collaboration with Jackson first surfaced on April 1, 2009, and has since been reported by several websites as a possible April Fool’s prank.

In August 2009, Copperfield took his show to Australia. Copperfield also coached Carell and Wilde on how to perform the ‘Impossible Sawing’ illusion, in which Wilde’s character is sawed in half and her halves separated without the use of any covering or camera tricks. The show featured many aspects of Copperfield’s personal life and family—with tours of his island home and Las Vegas conjuring museum—and a sampling of his illusions and magic effects. During the interview, he and his girlfriend Chloe Gosselin, a French fashion model, announced their engagement and appeared together briefly with their young daughter strolling down the beach on the island. I wanted to do the same thing with magic. This approach, despite its obvious popularity with audiences, has its share of detractors within the profession. One magician, for example, has described Copperfield’s stage presentations as “resembling entertainment the way Velveeta resembles cheese”.