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Unsourced material may be challenged demonstration as a teaching method pdf removed. It was adopted by key international language schools such as Berlitz and Inlingua in the 1970s and many of the language departments of the Foreign Service Institute of the U. In general, teaching focuses on the development of oral skills.

This enables both a teacher-learner interaction as well as a learner-learner interaction. The direct method is also known as natural method. It was developed as a reaction to the grammar translation method and is designed to take the learner into the domain of the target language in the most natural manner. The main objective is to impart a perfect command of a foreign language. In traditional language-learning, pupil participation was found to be diminished as the teaching is perceived to be long and monotonous.

Classroom instructions are conducted exclusively in the target language. Oral communication skills are built up in a carefully graded progression organized around question-and-answer exchanges between teachers and students in small, intensive classes. New teaching points are introduced orally. Both speech and listening comprehensions are taught. Correct pronunciation and grammar are emphasized. Students are taught from inception to ask questions as well as answer them.

Teacher corrects student if necessary, pointing to mouth to show proper shaping of lips, tongue and relationship to teeth. NOTE: Teacher should be aware of “high frequency words and verbs” and prioritize teaching for this. Apple and Orange before Prune and Cranberry. Student repeats such 5-20 times.

Are you the President of the United States? If more advanced, may use the negative with “Not”. Use random variations to practice. Use many random variations such as “Is Ana a woman? 20 per lesson, depending on student, see B. Observe student carefully, to know when mental “saturation” point is reached, indicating student should not be taught more Elements until another time.