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East Pacific Rise to east meets west pdf side. In this area, newly formed oceanic crust is intermingled with rifted continental crust originating from the North American Plate.

Many strange deep-water creatures have been found here. World Distribution of Mid-Oceanic Ridges. This page was last edited on 1 September 2017, at 01:13. In 2011, it had a population of 76,186.

In 1859 East Ham railway station opened and, although in 1863 the area was still being described as a “scattered village” the availability of transport resulted in increasing urbanisation, especially from 1890 onwards. Essex and was incorporated as a borough on 10 August 1903. Smith, which included a landmark clock tower. Town Hall on 5 February 1903. East Ham and neighbouring areas.

Edwardian terraced town houses, often in tree-lined avenues. There are many green spaces in the otherwise bustling and urbanised area of East Ham. St Mary’s church, is maintained as a nature reserve, the largest of its kind in Greater London. East Ham, and both combine open space with playgrounds and cafés. East Ham is a multi-cultural area, with a majority of South Asians and African, Caribbean and eastern European residents. As of 2010, East Ham has the fourth highest level of unemployment in Britain, with 16. 5 percent of its residents registered unemployed.

Around 7 in 10 children living in East Ham are from low income families, making it one of the worst areas in the country for child poverty. Below is a comparison table comparing East Ham with The London Borough of Newham. East Ham’s population was non-White British, compared with 83. There are many stores and restaurants specialising in ethnic tastes. There are also still traditional East End eateries. However, it has reopened as a store in the Gallions Reach park in Beckton.