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484 10 10 10 5. While flu is typically thought to be most risky for the very young and very old, this year’s flu season has seen a rise in young, seemingly healthy people dying. The flu has taken the lives of a 20-year-old Arizona mom, a 21-year-old Pennsylvania fitness enthusiast, and a eat clean live lean cookbook pdf-year-old Massachusetts mother of two in recent weeks.

A simple runny nose and light cough are known to take the lives of children under 2, but healthy young adults are dying during this year’s flu season. 447 1 1 1h3c0 . 447 1 1 1zm-9 7H2c-. Want all your online news and politics in one place? Instantly create your own personalized dashboard on My Yahoo today! Here are 10 ideas to give back to the medical community if you use Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a Day of Service.