Get him running back to you pdf

Get Him to the Get him running back to you pdf. Hill plays an entirely new character. African Child”, which is a commercial and critical failure.

Aldous relapses, ending their relationship. He also loses custody of his son, Naples. Pinnacle Records, a record company. Daphne informs Aaron that she has received a job offer in Seattle and that they are moving there. They argue and apparently break up.

Aaron meets Aldous and learns that he had not been expecting him, thinking that the concert was not for two months. Daphne calls Aaron to apologize, only to learn that Aaron believes they broke up. While partying, Aaron’s phone accidentally calls Daphne, informing her of Aaron’s activities. While performing live on Good Morning America, Aldous is unable to remember the lyrics to his recent song, “African Child”, and replaces it with an old hit, “The Clap”, to cheers from the audience. After Aaron tells Aldous that he has been raped, Aldous gives him drugs to calm him down. Jonathan agrees Aaron is having a heart attack, while Aldous attempts to calm Aaron down. Sergio jumps into the fight, inadvertently setting the lounge on fire.

Aldous attempts to help Aaron by giving him an adrenaline shot. They run out of the hotel, chased by Sergio. Aldous and Aaron flee to Los Angeles, where Aaron convinces Aldous to visit Jackie Q. Naples is not actually Aldous’ biological son.

Meanwhile, Aaron goes to his home to apologize to Daphne. Daphne agrees and Aaron hesitantly goes along. Aaron angrily decides to kiss Aldous, ending the threesome. Daphne and Aaron both immediately regret it, and Aaron angrily tells Aldous to go, criticizing his mental state.

Aaron rushes to the hotel and attempts to talk Aldous down. Instead, Aldous jumps into a pool several floors down, breaking his arm. Aldous tells Aaron that he is lonely, sad, and embarrassed, but Aaron reminds Aldous that thousands of fans love him and are waiting to see him. Aldous decides to perform at the Greek Theatre, even though Aaron pleads for him to go to the hospital. Upon their arrival, Sergio offers Aaron drugs to give to Aldous so he will not cancel the concert.

Aaron, tired of Sergio’s abuse, quits on the spot. Aaron walks stage-side with Aldous, trying to convince him to go to the hospital. However, Aaron sees how happy Aldous is while performing and heads home to reconcile with Daphne. London to a gig at L. Apatow in which the character was back on drugs. Aaron Green, a young music executive.