Glengarry glen ross david mamet pdf

The title of the film comes from the names of two of the real estate developments being peddled by the salesmen characters: Glengarry Highlands and Glen Ross Farms. Many of the leads rationed out by the office manager lack either the money or the desire to actually invest in land. Mitch and Murray, the owners of Premiere Properties, to motivate the sales team. Blake unleashes a torrent of verbal abuse on the salesmen and announces that only the top two will be glengarry glen ross david mamet pdf access to the more promising Glengarry leads and the rest of them will be fired.

Glengarry leads, but Williamson refuses. Levene tries first to charm Williamson, then to threaten him, and finally to bribe him. Williamson is willing to sell some of the prime leads, but demands cash in advance. Levene cannot come up with the cash and leaves without better leads. Mitch and Murray, and Moss proposes that they strike back at the two by stealing all the Glengarry leads and selling them to a competing real estate agency. Moss’s plan requires Aaronow to break into the office, stage a burglary and steal all of the prime leads. Roma does not broach the subject of a Glengarry Farms real estate deal until he has completely won Lingk over with his speech.

Framing it as an opportunity rather than a purchase, Roma plays upon Lingk’s feelings of insecurity. The next day, when the salesmen come into the office, they learn that there has been a burglary and the Glengarry leads have been stolen. Williamson and the police question each of the salesmen in private. After his interrogation, Moss leaves in disgust, only after having one last shouting match with Roma. During the cycle of interrogations, Lingk arrives to tell Roma that his wife has told him to cancel the deal. Scrambling to salvage the deal, Roma tries to deceive Lingk by telling him that the check he wrote the night before has yet to be cashed, and that accordingly he has time to reason with his wife and reconsider. Levene abets Roma by pretending to be a wealthy investor who just happens to be on his way to the airport.

Williamson, unaware of Roma and Levene’s stalling tactic, lies to Lingk, claiming that he already deposited his check in the bank. Upset, Lingk rushes out of the office, and Roma berates Williamson for what he has done. Roma then enters Williamson’s office to take his turn at being interrogated by the police. Levene, proud of a massive sale he made that morning, takes the opportunity to mock Williamson in private. In his zeal to get back at Williamson, Levene accidentally reveals that he knows Williamson lied to Roma minutes earlier about depositing Lingk’s check and had left the check on his desk and had not made the bank run the previous night — something only a man who broke into the office would know. Williamson catches Levene’s slip of the tongue and compels Levene to admit that he broke into the office. Levene finally caves in and admits that he and Moss conspired to steal the leads.