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Enter Part Number, Model Code, Description, etc. Over 200,000 Hydraulics products at your fingertips. Please enter a valid email address. Email Address should be 100 characters or less. Eaton Airflex clutch and brakes provide superior performance, long life and high quality in global manufacturing, sales and distribution operations. Eaton connectors fit almost any industrial application with adapters, couplings, metric tube fittings and swivel joints to ensure the right connection. Eaton’s electronic control products and software fit the needs of both mobile and stationary customer applications, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Eaton fittings include product lines with high quality materials able to work in high pressures when assembled with Eaton hoses to create a hose assembly. Eaton hydraulic hoses have a variety of operating pressure ranges, abrasion resistance and high performance capabilities to supply ideal fluid conveyance solutions. Eaton industrial hoses are customized by color and branding to meet requirements with quick, easy identification. Eaton industrial cylinders, available in standard or custom-engineered models, supply unmatched quality, variety and features to meet the needs of demanding applications.

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