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BHU celebrated its centenary year in 2015-2016. Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya Birth Im pandey financial management pdf free download on 25 December 2015.

Malviya considered education as the primary means for achieving a national awakening. December 1905, Malviya publicly announced his intent to establish a university in Varanasi. On the request of Malviya, Attar Singh laid the foundation stone of Banaras Hindu University at Varanasi in 1914. Malviya continued to develop his vision for the university with inputs from other Indian nationalists and educationists. He published his plan in 1911.

The focus of his arguments was the prevailing poverty in India and the decline in income of Indians compared to Europeans. Such maximum application of science is only possible when scientific knowledge is available to Indians in their own country. Malviya’s plan evaluated whether to seek government recognition for the university or operate without its control. He decided in favour of the former for various reasons. Established in 1898 in the Kamachha area of Varanasi, the vision behind the school was that there should be learning institutions based on Hindu philosophy.

However, there was no response from the British government. Following the publication of Malviya’s plan, Besant met Malviya and in April 1911 they agreed to unite their forces to build the university in Varanasi. Malviya soon left his legal practice to focus exclusively on developing the university and his independence activities. He spent the next 4 years gathering support and raising funds for the university. Central Hindu School agreed to the government’s condition that the school become a part of the new university. BHU was finally established in 1916, the first university in India that was the result of a private individual’s efforts. Gandhi’s lecture on the occasion was his first public address in India.

Kashi Naresh on the outskirts of the city. Chancellor of BHU, performed the opening ceremony of the BENCO workshop buildings on 17 January 1919, during his visit to preside over the first university convocation. The campus has over 60 hostels offering residential accommodation for over 12,000 students. On-campus housing is also available to a majority of the full-time faculty. 3 million volumes as of 2011.