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Is code 383 2016 pdf free download majority of vendors identify their own character sets by a name. 1208 at IBM, 65001 at Microsoft, and 4110 at SAP.

OS to be set in a systematic way. 1990s, the two companies have maintained the list of assigned code page numbers independently from each other, resulting in some conflicting assignments. PC graphics hardware is built around using an 8-bit code page, though it is possible to use two at once with some color depth sacrifice, and up to eight may be stored in the display adaptor for easy switching. There was a selection of third-party code page fonts that could be loaded into such hardware.

However, it is now commonplace for operating system vendors to provide their own character encoding and rendering systems that run in a graphics mode and bypass this hardware limitation entirely. However the system of referring to character encodings by a code page number remains applicable, as an efficient alternative to string identifiers such as those specified by the IETF and IANA for use in various protocols such as e-mail and web pages. 7-bit code representing 128 control codes and printable characters. When the top bit was made available for representing character data, a total of 256 characters and control codes could be represented.