Iso iec 19770 1 2012 pdf

It is WG21 that is responsible for developing, improving and ensuring market needs are met iso iec 19770 1 2012 pdf developing these standards. What is the purpose of ISO 19770?

The objective of the standard is to give organizations of all sizes information and assistance to assist at the risk and cost minimization of ITAM assets. Better information availability leading to improved decision-making based on accurate data. The major parts of this ITAM standard are detailed below. IEC 19770-5 provides the overview and vocabulary. IEC 19770-1 is a framework of ITAM processes to enable an organization to prove that it is performing software asset management to a standard sufficient to satisfy corporate governance requirements and ensure effective support for IT service management overall. The first generation was published in 2006.

The second generation was published in 2012. This document includes additional or more detailed requirements which are considered necessary for the management of IT assets. The primary differentiator is the need to manage software assets, with their specific characteristics. Although ISO 55001:2014 can be used to manage software assets if organizations define their scope and relevant requirements appropriately, it is primarily focused on physical assets with little provision for the management of software assets.

There are a number of characteristics of IT assets which create these additional or more detailed requirements. IT asset management data with data in other information systems when justified by business value, in particular with financial information systems recording assets and expenses. This document can be used by any organization and can be applied to all types of IT assets. The organization determines to which of its IT assets this document applies. SWID tags created by a software creator or publisher which are installed with the software are the most authoritative for identification purposes. This standard was first published in November 2009. A revision of this standard was published in October 2015.