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Unsourced material may joe’s cnc 4×4 hybrid plans pdf challenged and removed. June 21, 1948, as Boston’s first CBS affiliate.

1961, but rejoined CBS in 1972. However, in the FCC hearings, RKO General had withheld evidence of General Tire’s misconduct, and had also failed to disclose evidence of accounting errors on its own part. The FCC had previously conditioned renewal of the latter two stations’ licenses on WNAC-TV’s renewal. An appeals court partially reversed the ruling, finding that RKO’s dishonesty alone merited having the WNAC-TV license removed. However, it held that the FCC had overreached in tying the other two license renewals to WNAC-TV’s renewal, and ordered new hearings. RKO’s appeal, leaving the firm with no further recourse but to accept the Commission’s decision and surrender WNAC-TV’s license. RKO signed off WNAC-TV for the final time.