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You can choose your language settings from within the program. 25 درصد تخفیف ویــژه . For Dummies را خوانده اید. 978 عنوان کتاب در کلیه زمینه ها می باشد. There is a very good variety availble. CRC داده می شود سپس برای دانلود مجدد فقط همان قسمتی که خراب دانلود شده است را دانلود نمائید. FA کیبورد خود توجه داشته باشید همچنین بهتر است کلمه رمز را تایپ کنید و از Copy-Paste آن بپرهیزید.

The CISSP Certification Experience: My Study Plan JDMurray’s Blog at www. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided to login, or click the ‘register’ button to create a profile for yourself. There is no single text that codifies the entire CBK. CBK study materials do exist.

There are many exam preparation books, standards documents, multimedia materials, practice exams, and Web sites, some of which are quite popular and highly recommended. There are also many commercial study aides, with candidates wanting to know if they are worth the money to purchase. Some people are good readers, while other are better at listening. Some need to write and memorize a lot of notes, while others prefer to pace in circles lecturing to themselves. Finally, there is a candidate’s a posteriori knowledge in the domains of Information Security.

The following section contain appraisals of study resources that I used, and a few descriptions of some I didn’t use, but you may want to check out anyway. CBK written by several different subject matter experts. Because of the differencing writing styles of the many authors, some people have found the OIG to be a difficult read. But I do encourage you to buy the 4th edition, or wait for the 5th edition to be released sometime in 2009. The practice exams included with the AIO are helpful, but not essential, for learning the material.

This is the only book that I found which had a detailed explanation of quantum cryptography that I could understand. It’s an expensive college text book, so buy it used if you can. Each chapter has a different author, so the writing styles vary considerably, but the information is still quite good. Save the rest of the book for reading after the exam. You don’t need to read these standard to pass the exam, but doing so will help you become a more well-rounded Information Security professional. NIST documents can be large and complex, but they are a surprisingly easy read.

The major problem is the volume of information and material that they contain. When studying for an exam, it is nice to have the information you need to know boiled-down into an annotated overview format which provides guidance in learning the material. These courses feature a lecturer with slides, animations, whiteboards, and sometimes computer-based demonstrations. They may also include practice exams, labs, and additional reading material.