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Please forward this error screen to 132. The electrical engineering reference online: electricity kvl and kcl pdf magnetism basics, circuit theorems and formulas, Maxwell’s equations. The term EE usually encompasses electronic engineering or electronics.

In academia and electronic industry, the terms electrical and electronics engineer often are used interchangeably. In any case, both disciplines are overlapping. They provide a unified description of the behavior of electric and magnetic fields as well as their interactions with matter. In practice however, Maxwell’s equations are rarely used in an electrical design. This webpage is for those who have already learned EE and need a quick reference information. Here you will find electricity and magnetism basics, electronics reference as well as the career related information online.

Note that Kirchhoff’s laws can be derived from Maxwell’s equations under static conditions, although historically they preceded Maxwell’s equations. V in series with an impedance Z. Z – impedance between the two terminals with all voltage sources shorted and all current sources opened. Any combination of a single frequency sinusoidal AC sources and impedances with two terminals A and B can be replaced by a single current source I in parallel with an impedance Z. Active components of the source and load impedances should be equal, and reactive components should have equal magnitude but opposite sign. Looking for books on Circuits Theory?