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It appears that you are currently using Ad Blocking software. Lantus patient assistance pdf am a freelance journalist and consultant specializing in writing about diabetes, which I have.

If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, welcome to the club that no one asked to join. The Diabetes Self-Management blog published my article, “Why I Low Carb,” in December 2008. Jimmy Moore recently interviewed me for his low-carb blog. Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, California, on November 3, 2004, is my most recent and most detailed presentation about my website and why I maintain it. This article, “David Mendosa: Tapping the Internet’s Potential,” was written by someone else about me for the Diabetes. The site ceased operations in 2001. Board of Advisors and had a short bio on-line until the site ceased operation in November 2000.

In October 2005 I joined the growing ranks of bloggers. My blog now has an RSS feed. The pages on my site most consulted by members of the Internet community are 16 pages that comprise “On-line Diabetes Resources. These pages are links to all the substantive resources on-line for people with diabetes. But unlike other such lists, all of these links are annotated to describe the resource.

This file has since February 9, 2003, been mirrored as the misc. Judging from the number of hits and messages that I receive, the glycemic index is rapidly attracting the attention that it deserves from people with diabetes and others. The glycemic index, which shows how quickly different foods make glucose available, helps people with diabetes keep their blood glucose under control. The article on my Web site that is downloaded the most is my most detailed article about the glycemic index. I know that some people would prefer the relative simplicity of a list of just the most common American foods. Some people like the ability to manipulate the list of the glycemic indexes and glycemic loads when it is in spreadsheet form. It shows the Glycemic Index, the Glycemic Load, Diabetic Carb Choices, Serving Size in grams, Serving Size in ounces, and Available Carbohydrates per Serving for each tested food.

The GI and GL columns are highlighted in green for low GI or GL, yellow for medium GI or GL, and red for high GI and GL. The column for Diabetic Carb Choices uses the same color scheme. You use Carb Choices with the Carbohydrate Counting method. 15 grams of available carbohydrate—i.

The spreadsheet is especially useful if you have Excel on your computer. My most recent article on the glycemic index reports on new potato research. Just because baked Russet Burbank potatoes are so high glycemic, you don’t have to forsake all potatoes. New research gives us new hope. Another of my articles on the glycemic index appeared on the American Diabetes Association’s Web site.

The glycemic index: why everyone’s talking about it. October 1999 before it ceased operation. Some foods that have a quite small amount of available carbohydrate aren’t listed on the glycemic index lists, and some people wonder why. They don’t have much impact on your blood sugar level. Here is a comprehensive listing of those foods commonly eaten in the United States. How does the glycemic index compare with the insulin index? Wolever, “The Glycemic Index: Flogging a Dead Horse?