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This article is marathi kadambari pdf free download a Sanskrit novel. 7th century CE, who did not survive to see it through completion.

Bhushanabhatta, according to the plan laid out by his late father. An alternate tradition gives the son’s name as Pulindabhatta. This novel has an extremely intricate plot which is difficult to summarize with concision. Chandrapeeda and the heroine Kadambari. Many of the characters appear in multiple incarnations, some as humans and some as demigods or animals. The latter story also contains several instances of one character relating a sub-story to another character.

It is this circumstance which allows one to date the author with a reasonable degree of certainty. The paragraphs have been numbered for ease of reference. The original text is continuous, and has no chapter divisions. Paragraph 16, at a point when Kadambari is speaking about her love-sickness to Patralekha, as narrated by the latter to Chandrapeeda. There is a valiant king named Shudraka, who rules over a vast and prosperous kingdom with the capital city of Vidisha.

The parrot says that he used to live in the Vindhya forest with his aging father. Vaishampayana’s father is dragged from his hollow and murdered. After the commotion has died out, Vaishampayana wanders off, and eventually finds refuge in a hermitage where he meets the divine sage Jabali. The latter stares at the parrot for a while and remarks that “He is experiencing the fruit of his own misbehaviour. The other hermits become curious at this remark, and Jabali begins to narrate the tale which fills a large part of the ‘Kadambari’.

Jabali says that in the country of Avanti, there was a city called Ujjayini which was ruled by King Tarapeeda. He had wealth, vitality, spiritual knowledge, and a large harem, but no son. Within a few days, both wives are found to be pregnant, and each of them gives birth to a boy. Tarapeeda’s son is named Chandrapeeda, and Shukanasa’s son is named Vaishampayana. The two boys, who become bosom friends, are raised together in a heavily fortified university built especially for them.

Chandrapeeda acquires a powerful and swift horse called Indrayudha, which becomes his inseparable companion. Having completed their education, the two friends reenter the capital city. There are boisterous celebrations at their return, and Chandrapeeda is ogled at by throngs of besotted young women. Queen Vilasavati makes a present of a beautiful prepubescent girl named Patralekha to her son.

Tarapeeda decides to install his son as the heir-apparent. Shukanasha gives him some worldly advice, after which, Chandrapeeda and Vaishampayana, accompanied by a vast army, set forth to conquer the world. They elude him however, and the prince gets lost. He finds himself at the bank of the beautiful lake Acchoda. Having quenched his thirst, he hears a sweet melody and begins to look for its source. The damsel, named Mahashveta, offers hospitality to Chandrapeeda.