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To congratulate him, Microprocessor lecture notes pdf President Bill Clinton wrote, “You can take pride in the knowledge that your work will help to improve lives for generations to come. He also has patents for seven other inventions. Jack Kilby was born in 1923 in Missouri to Hubert and Vina Freitag Kilby. His father was an executive with the Kansas Power Company.

Road signs at the entrances to the town commemorate his time there, and the Commons Area at Great Bend High School has been named The Jack Kilby Commons Area. Miniaturized Electronic Circuits”, the first integrated circuit, was filed on February 6, 1959. Kilby is generally credited as co-inventor of the integrated circuit. Jack Kilby went on to pioneer military, industrial, and commercial applications of microchip technology. He headed teams that built both the first military system and the first computer incorporating integrated circuits.