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In 2013, Torrence’s design contribution of the Surf City Allstars “In Concert” CD was mustad hook chart pdf a Silver Award of Distinction at the Communicator Awards competition. Jennie Lee, the “Bazoom Girl”, at the New Follies Burlesk at 548 S. Berry’s friend and fellow University High student Donald J.

In March 1958 the fathers of Berry and Ginsburg signed contracts authorizing Lubin to produce, arrange, and manage their sons. Arnie”, re-recorded their vocals on a professional recording system. According to Berry’s biographer Mark A. Jennie Lee” peaked at No. B cover of “Jennie Lee” reached No.

Like “Jennie Lee”, “Gas Money” contained a few elements of what would later become surf music. It entered the Billboard charts on August 24, 1958, and peaked at No. Arnie were a featured act on the Summer Dance Party that toured the US East Coast, including Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut in July 1958. Berry, Ginsburg and Altfeld team, was released. However this single failed to chart, due in part to a lack of distribution.

Arnie Ginsburg recorded a one off single with a band named the Rituals on the Arwin label. Guitarro, released on vinyl in January 1959, preceding Jan and Dean’s first single Baby Talk, released in May 1959. Ritchie Podolor on guitar, Sandy Nelson on drums, Bruce Johnson on piano, Dave Shostac on sax, Harper Cosby on bass and Mike Deasy on guitar. It is unclear if the actual single was released for the general public but there are several promotional copies pressed to vinyl in existence.