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This article is about the children’s game show. Universal Picture is not shown pdf in Orlando, Florida.

Mark Schultz, and produced by Schultz. 75 episodes were taped for season 2 in the summer of that same year. Two teams of two players, one wearing orange jumpsuits and one wearing yellow jumpsuits, competed. The object of the game was to correctly guess hidden pictures on a 16-square video wall, and to answer general-knowledge trivia questions to earn opportunities to guess. This was done in two separate rounds. The gameplay described here is from the first season. Changes are detailed in another subsection.

In this round, an outline of dots representing something in a set category was revealed on the 16-square video wall. 20 and a choice of a square. Once a square was chosen, the dots in it were connected to the rest of the puzzle and the team had five seconds to guess the picture. There was no penalty for not guessing. The round continued until time ran out. Multiple guesses were allowed, with no penalties for incorrect guesses. 20 and see an actual piece of the puzzle instead of the connected dots.

There were two of these hidden in each picture and every Power Surge in the round involved some sort of knowledge-based activity. The second round featured an actual image hidden behind the video wall. Each of the squares’ four corners were marked with numbers, and each question had either two, three, or four possible answers. 40, and the team was able to complete as many lines as there were correct answers in the question.

Once the four dots on the outside of the square were connected, the part of the image hidden behind the square was revealed. 20, and one Power Surge was on the board. This time the Power Surges were played at center stage and involved the players doing some sort of physical activity in order to reveal pieces of a picture puzzle. Whoever was ahead when time was called won the game and advanced to the bonus round, dubbed “Mega Memory”. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. 30 seconds to identify certain items that passed through.