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John Owen by John Greenhill. The couple had 11 children, ten of whom died in infancy. In 1650 preaching christ from the old testament sinclair ferguson pdf accompanied Cromwell on his Scottish campaign.

Aristotelian traditions in education underwent no change. Christ Church itself the Anglican chaplain remained in the college. While little encouragement was given to a spirit of free inquiry, Puritanism at Oxford was not simply an attempt to force education and culture into “the leaden moulds of Calvinistic theology. Besides his academic and literary concerns, Owen was continually involved in affairs of state. In October 1653 he was one of several ministers whom Cromwell summoned to a consultation as to church union. Baxter, was placed on the committee for settling the “fundamentals” necessary for the toleration promised in the Instrument of Government. In the same year he was chairman of a committee on Scottish Church affairs.