Premchand short stories in english pdf

Munshi Premchand half bust statue. Hindustani writers of the early twentieth century. His works include more than a premchand short stories in english pdf novels, around 250 short stories, several essays and translations of a number of foreign literary works into Hindi.

Ajaib Rai was a post office clerk. Nawab Rai” was the first pen name chosen by Dhanpat Rai. When he was 8, his mother died after a long illness. His grandmother, who took the responsibility of raising him, died soon after.

Premchand felt isolated, as his elder sister had already been married, and his father was always busy with work. His father, who was now posted at Gorkhapur, remarried, but Premchand received little affection from his stepmother. As a child, Dhanpat Rai sought solace in fiction, and developed a fascination for books. He took the job of selling books for a book wholesaler, thus getting the opportunity to read a lot of books.

In 1895, he was married at the age of 15, while still studying in the ninth grade. The girl was from a rich landlord family and was older than Premchand, who found her quarrelsome and not good-looking. His father died in 1897 after a long illness. Thus, he had to discontinue his studies. He then obtained an assignment to coach an advocate’s son in Benares at a monthly salary of five rupees. Premchand read a lot during these days. After racking up several debts, in 1899, he once went to a book shop to sell one of his collected books.

Dhanpat Rai first wrote under the pseudonym “Nawab Rai”. 8 October 1903 to February 1905. Literary critic Siegfried Schulz states that “his inexperience is quite evident in his first novel”, which is not well-organized, lacks a good plot and features stereotyped characters. He stayed in Kanpur for around four years, from May 1905 to June 1909. Premchand visited his village Lamahi during the summer vacation, but did not find the stay enjoyable because of a number of reasons. He did not find the weather of the atmosphere conducive for writing. Plus, he faced domestic trouble due to quarrels between his wife and his step-mother.

Premchand angrily scolded his wife, after she unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by hanging. Dismayed, she went to her father’s house, and Premchand displayed no interest in bringing her back. The step was considered to be revolutionary at that time, and Premchand faced a lot of social opposition. According to this story, the most precious ‘jewel’ was the last drop of blood necessary to attain independence. Many of Premchand’s early short stories had patriotic overtones, influenced by the Indian independence movement. 1907, was penned under the name “Babu Nawab Rai Banarsi”.

Amrit Rai overcomes social opposition to marry the young widow Poorna, giving up his rich and beautiful fiance Prema. According to Prakash Chandra Gupta, “while containing seeds of his future greatness in many ways, the novel is still youthful and lacks the discipline which full maturity brings”. Medical Hall Press of Benares. This 142-page work, which satirises women’s fondness for jewellery, is now lost.