Schiller letters on the aesthetic education of man pdf

Print of a portrait of Charlotte von Lengefeld, probably by Schiller letters on the aesthetic education of man pdf Christian Fleischman. Though her father, who died when she was a young girl, had been a forest administrator, in her young adulthood she was introduced to the literary circles of Weimar. Stein confided in her throughout her complex relationship with Goethe.

Her first love was a soldier, but after her family’s opposition the engagement was dropped. Wilhelm von Wolzogen, who later became Caroline’s second husband. They began a correspondence in 1788, and, aided by the Lengefelds, Schiller took up residence near Rudolstadt shortly thereafter. Schiller wrote to Charlotte in August, 1789: “Am I to hope that Caroline read in your soul and answered from your heart what I did not dare to confess? Oh how hard it has been for me to keep this secret which I was obliged to do from the beginning of our acquaintance. The precise nature of Schiller’s relationship to the two sisters has been disputed. Lengefeld’s admiration for Schiller’s early work, particularly “The Artists,” was important to their courtship.

They married on 20 February 1790. Goethe after Christiane’s death, “The poor man wept bitterly. It grieves me that he should shed tears for such objects. Though never a published author during her lifetime, Lengefeld was a writer her entire life.