Shaklee compensation plan pdf

Is it easy to enter into the opportunity? Are you rewarded primarily for direct sales, rather than for override shaklee compensation plan pdf? Are you rewarded for personally sponsoring others?

Are you rewarded for recruiting multiple levels? Is the focus on selling products to the end consumer, rather than to your downline? Are you rewarded for training and supporting your downline? Are you rewarded for high personal volume?

Are you rewarded for high group volume? Are you rewarded for maintaining a monthly volume? Does the plan provide for recognition? Does the plan offer nonmonetary rewards and incentives, such as trips or cars?

A plan that does nothing to discourage deadweight distributors and nonproducers. A plan that encourages inventory loading or large investments in products. A plan that emphasizes gimmicks rather than product sales. There are many different varieties of compensation plans out there. They often have exotic names. Nevertheless, several major companies operate matrix plans. The binary plan is the newest on the scene.