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Stephen king pet sematary book pdf page was last edited on 25 December 2017, at 03:54. Charlie storms out of the office and retrieves a pistol from his locker, then sets the contents of his locker on fire. The fire triggers an alarm, but Charlie forces his classmates to stay in the room, killing a janitor when he attempts to enter.

As the other students and teachers evacuate the school, the police and media arrive at the scene. Over the following four hours, Charlie toys with various authority figures who attempt to negotiate with him, including the principal, the school psychologist, and the local police chief. Charlie gives them certain commands, threatening to kill students if they do not comply. Charlie also admits to his hostages that he does not know what has compelled him to commit his deeds, believing he will regret them when the situation is over.

Interspersed throughout are narrative flashbacks to Charlie’s troubled childhood, particularly his tumultuous relationship with his abusive father. Several notable incidents include a violent disagreement between two female students and a police sniper’s attempt to shoot Charlie through the heart. However, Charlie survives due to the bullet’s striking his locker’s combination lock, which he had earlier placed in the breast pocket of his shirt. Charlie finally comes to the realization that only one student is really being held against his will: a seeming “Big Man On Campus” named Ted Jones, who is harboring his own secrets.

Charlie releases the students, but Ted is unable to move under his own power and remains. The final chapters contain an inter-office memo concerning Ted’s treatment and prognosis at the hospital where he is now a patient, and a letter from one of Charlie’s friends describing assorted developments in the students’ lives during the months following this incident. The story ends with Charlie addressing the reader: “That’s the end. I have to turn off the light now. April 26, 1988, and held a humanities class of about 60 students hostage for over 30 minutes. Cox held the gun to one student when the teacher doubted Cox would cause harm and stated that he would prove it to her.