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This article is about the Canadian fast food chain. Harvey’swiss chalet take out menu pdf Foods co-founders, George B. Mauran obtained the sign and posted it outside his flagship store.

The location was initially expected to be seasonal, based on the precedent of the local Dairy Queen location, but it was successful enough to remain open year-round. East in Toronto, just before Warden. It was sold by Cara in early 2006 to One Bedford, a condo project. Beginning in 1963, Harvey’s purchased 39 parcels of land in Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo and Winnipeg with the exception of one leased property.

Sukornyk insisted, where possible, that all property be company-owned in order to provide equity and stability to the company’s balance sheet. Harvey’s has been operating in Quebec since 1964, a fact printed in English and French on their take-out bags. Otherwise, little English is visible in their Quebec locations. The first concept was for a customer to order, purchase and obtain a receipt, which was placed on the topping counter. The cash was immediately placed in the cash register, thereby controlling and monitoring cash, and keeping theft to a minimum. This approach was a distinction from thin pre-frozen and pre-cut French Fries of unknown origin that were being sold at the time. Ten years later, under different management, the number of toppings was substantially increased, and pre-frozen and pre-cut string French Fries were introduced, replacing the freshly cut PEI potato.

Harvey’s Food Limited merged with Industrial Growth Limited in the early 1970s to form Foodcorp, led by president Bernie Syron. The company grew to operate 80 restaurants, and was acquired by Cara Operations in 1979. After going through four different flagship burgers in twenty years, Harvey’s introduced the Great Canadian as its flagship burger in 2010. It was discontinued in 2013 and replaced by the Angus burger, which has served as the chain’s flagship burger since then. In February 2012 the first Harvey’s location was demolished to make way for condominiums. In the summer of 2012, Harvey’s added Dole Strawberry Kiwi as a fountain juice.

Lil’ Original and the grilled chicken salad. Only approved toppings, condiments and dressings may be used on the sandwiches for them to meet the Health Check requirements. 99, comparable to those found on competitors’ value-priced burgers. Harvey’s claims that in 1998, they were the first to introduce “Custom Combos”, allowing customers to modify their combo with different items from those usually included. Harvey’s presently uses all-Canadian beef.