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Confederate veteran William Crawford Smith, who designed the Parthenon. Tennesseans and their history pdf Parthenon, dating back to 438 BC. A number of buildings at the Exposition were based on ancient originals, however the Parthenon was the only one that was an exact reproduction.

Tennessee Centennial Exposition and it was at his suggestion that a reproduction of the Parthenon be built in Nashville to serve as the centerpiece of Tennessee’s Centennial Celebration. Parthenon was not intended to be permanent, but the cost of demolishing the structure combined with its popularity with residents and visitors alike resulted in it being left standing after the Exposition. 1925 and the interior in 1931. Some of the most elaborate events that occurred at the Parthenon were the Spring Pageants of 1913 and 1914. These extravaganzas were theatrical productions on a massive scale. With casts of up to 500, the Pageants brought in audiences from surroundings states and rail prices were lowered to encourage attendance.

The entire city of Nashville reveled in the opportunity to celebrate the “Athens of the South. The 1914 production, “The Mystery at Thanatos,” had a similarly mythological plot, but was shorter and better received. A copy of the script is on file at the Nashville Public Library. The most impressive thing about these Pageants was the incredible use of visual spectacle.

Both shows featured impressive displays ranging from chariot races to huge dance numbers to thousands of live birds to set pieces that shot flames, all set against the backdrop of the majestic Nashville Parthenon. Additional gallery spaces provide a venue for a variety of temporary shows and exhibits. The Parthenon got a full makeover in 2002 with a much needed cleaning and restoration to the exterior. The exterior lighting was upgraded to allow the columns of the building to be illuminated with different colors than the facade, allowing a uniquely versatile display of effects for events.

Nashville Parthenon black and white. The site requires registration to access this page. Valor’s Reward Paid His Memory. Tablet Unveiled to the Memory of Col. On Walls of the Parthenon.

Rare Tribute Paid the Name of Soldier-Architect. The Parthenon In Nashville: From a personal viewpoint’’, 1968, self published p. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. This page was last edited on 13 December 2017, at 22:28.

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