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These websites cited the Jedi code, consisting of 21 maxims, as the starting point for a “real Jedi” belief system. The real-world Jediism movement has no founder or central structure. The Jedi follow the “16 teachings” based on the presentation of the fictional Jedi, such as “Jedi are mindful of the negative emotions which lead to the Dark Side” and “Jedi are guardians of peace and justice”. Adherents also follow “21 maxims”.

The majority of such respondents are assumed to have claimed the faith as a joke. In 2007, the Temple of the Jedi Order was registered in Texas. The amendment was subsequently withdrawn, the proposer explaining that it was “a bit of a joke” to illustrate a point that defining religious belief in legislation is difficult. 23-year-old Daniel Jones founded The Church of Jediism with his brother Barney, believing that the 2001 UK census recognised Jediism as a religion, and that there were “more Jedi than Scientologists in Britain”. North Wales, for refusing to remove his hood on a religious basis. The owner justified Jones’s ejection by saying, “He hasn’t been banned.

Jedis are very welcome to shop in our stores although we would ask them to remove their hoods. The man said that “The main reason is I want to wear my hood up, and I have got a religion which allows me to do that. Star Wars Jedi marrying couples”. Patrick Day-Childs of The Church of Jediism, and Rev Michael Kitchen of Temple of the Jedi Order, both defended the right of Jedi to perform marriage ceremonies. Jedi temple be built on the campus. Soon after, students from other universities started petitions demanding Jedi and Buddhist temples on their campuses.

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