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While the innateness of mnemonists’ skills is debated, the methods that the memory book harry lorayne pdf download use to memorize are well-documented. Bill Chase to explain the effectiveness of mnemonic devices in memory expertise. Skilled memory theory involves three steps: meaningful encoding, retrieval structure, and speed-up. In encoding, information is encoded in terms of knowledge structures through meaningful associations.

Verbal reports of memory experts show a consistent grouping of three or four. A digit sequence 1-9-4-5, for example, can then be remembered as “the year World War Two ended”. Luria did not clearly distinguish between synesthesia and mnemonic techniques like the method of loci and number shapes. This is supported by studies that have shown that previous knowledge about a subject will increase one’s ability to remember it. Chess experts, for example, can memorize more pieces of a chess game in progress than a novice chess player. Many memory experts have been shown to be average to above-average by these two measures, but not exceptional. The next step is to create a retrieval structure by which the associations can be recalled.