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While an example of the sphere of information is cyberspace, infospheres are not limited to purely online environments. In much the way that fish cannot conceptualize water or birds the air, man barely understands his the third wave alvin toffler pdf free download, that encircling layer of electronic and typographical smog composed of cliches from journalism, entertainment, advertising and government. What is inescapably clear, whatever we choose to believe, is that we are altering our infosphere fundamentallywe are adding a whole new strata of communication to the social system. The emerging Third Wave infosphere makes that of the Second Wave era – dominated by its mass media, the post office, and the telephone – seem hopelessly primitive by contrast”.

1960s, into a global embrace. This equation leads him to an informational ontology. The manipulations to the infosphere include the erasing, transfer, duplication, and destruction of information. Infosphere is a huge sphere floating in space, in which a species of giant, talking, floating brains attempts to store all of the information known in the universe.

This page was last edited on 14 August 2016, at 20:36. Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings about a topic. Prosumer” is a well-accepted category for camcorders, digital cameras, VCRs, “and other video playthings. Prosumption Architecture: The Decentralization of Architectural Agency as an Economic Imperative’. Toffler has extended these and many other ideas well into the 21st-century.

Despite several decades of usage, the term only recently began to receive full theoretical elaboration. Prosumers create value for companies without receiving wages. Mass customization has not taken place in most areas of the economy. Look at how many choices we are faced with in the grocery stores and supermarkets.

Brand extension and dilution are ways companies have sold more under various names, giving us thousands of choices. Indeed, people are generally uninterested in going to the effort of customizing the myriad products that comprise modern consumer culture. In the digital and online world, Prosumer is used to describe today’s online buyers because not only are they consumers of products, but they are able to produce their own products such as, customised handbags, jewellery with initials, jumpers with team logos etc. This is widely done by households by means of PV panels on their roofs generating electricity. Such households may additionally make use of battery storage to increase their share of self-consumed PV electricity, referred to as prosumage in the literature. It is also done by businesses which produce biogas and feed it into a gas network while using gas from the same network at other times or in other places. The European Union’s Nobel Grid project, which is part of their Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, uses the term in this way for example.

Prosumption as a new challenge for marketers. Philip Kotler anticipated that people will also want to play larger role in designing certain goods and services they consume, furthermore modern computers will permit them to do it. He also described several forces that would lead to more prosumption like activities, and to more sustainable lifestyles, that topic was further developed by Tomasz Szymusiak in 2013 and 2015 in two marketing books. A fourth view of the Prosumer is from companies perspective, who open up their processes and integrate end-users as prosumer for shared benefits.

Other benefits are strengthened relationship with the customer and faster feedback cycles. Lego’s website so that the users can edit and update software as they wish. The book states criteria that increase the value of prosumers’ participation such as openness, sharing, peering, globalizing. But empirically some criteria have inverse relationships. D spending of a company in ways which directly benefit them. For example, say you’re a manufacturer of widgets. One of your customers changes their requirements and asks that all their widgets sing.