Windows server 2008 r2 essentials pdf

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Want to protect your cyber security and still get fast solutions? Ask a secure question today. The remote PC would be able to see the shared folders, etc. Changed the remote PC subnet and the offsite PC connected – for a while. Then went back to ‘offline’ mode shortly thereafter.

I set up folder redirection using Essentials Wizard. All I get are re-directed folders that are EMPTY. I also get the SAME RESULT for the Win7 Pro PC that is onsite – redirected folders that are EMPTY. Note: I adjusted the Redirection Policy so that users do NOT have exclusive rights to their Desktop, Docs, etc. I should be able to see the contents. In SBS 2008 and 2011 with Win7 these things just ‘worked’.

Either I’m doing something wrong or the ‘wizards’ are. Firstly have you fixed DNS? You cannot have a router or ISP even as an alternate. No DNS, no group policy, and no Redirected folders. I see other issues, but start with that. I would not be trying to troubleshoot redirected folders and group policy over a VPN.

Make sure it is working using a LAN connection and then move to the VPN. The VPN adds a whole other layer of complexity. I would also add, that I have seen using redirected folders over a VPN with offline files enabled has corrupted the local cache in the csc folder. The logic behind offline files with redirected folders is you don’t have to connect to the office. To the best of my knowledge this does not affect existing users, only new users.