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Wow, the stories look absolutely gripping. Battalion was formed during the first week of May 1915. 1915 the Battalion went ashore at Gallipoli. Lone Pine trenches with the 23rd Battalion. Battalion proceeded to France in March 1916. 3 May – but suffered almost 80 per cent casualties.

24th’s major engagement there was the seizure of Broodseinde Ridge. 139pp plus bw plates and other illustrations. Introduction by Major-General Sir John Monash. Pozieres, Ypres and on the Somme. Egypt in June 1915 and proceeded to Gallipoli in late August. Hamel, Amiens and Mont St. 21st mutinied on 25 September 1918.

Britain, the 38th Battalion crossed to France in late November 1916. 37th Battalion, to form a special raiding “battalion”. Hindenburg Line along the St Quentin Canal. It was disbanded in April 1919.